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Order today for the 2024-2025 School Year! If you don’t know your room yet, select expected dorm, enter 0 for room number, and reach back out with exact details later! Order today for the 2024-2025 School Year! If you don’t know your room yet, select expected dorm, enter 0 for room number, and reach back out with exact details later!

FAQs for Baylor Only

How do I contact CBL with questions?

  • For Baylor students, the best way is to send an email to
  • Or call/text Brent at (512)-669-0869



Can I place my order before I have my room assignment?

  • Yes, you can place your order at any time.  All residence halls and room numbers are verified by Residence Life/Housing.  If you do not have your rooming assignment at the time of ordering, please put unknown for the residence hall and leave the room number blank.  If you end up in a residence hall/room that does not need a bed loft/bed rail, a full refund will be given.

What if I do not know who my roommate is?

  • If you do not know who your roommate is and you are ready to order, go ahead and place your order.  When rooming assignments are assigned, if there are any duplicate orders for rooms, a full refund will be given.  If you/your roommate ordered 2 rugs total, we will refund 1 of the rugs.  We will verify the room number and residence halls with Residence Life/Housing.

I am moving in to my room early, will my item(s) be there?

  • If you ordered by July 6th, your CBL item(s) will be in your room before your university's first scheduled Move-in date.  Typically, everything is in place about 10 days before the first move-in date. Click on your school's page on our website for updates.

How do I know if my order went thru?

  • You’ll receive a confirming email with an order # and the products. Use this order # to reference any changes to it the order.

Do you really need my Baylor student ID??
Yes, we really do.  It’s how we verify your room assignment with Baylor Housing and they require that the student ID to do this.

Bed Lofts
Bed lofts and bed rails are leased for the school year.  They are installed in August before move-in and picked up after the residence halls close in May.  Just leave the bed loft installed with the bed rail and we’ll pick it up. 

Will my bed and bed loft look exactly like the ones on your website?

  • Each residence hall can have different types of furniture so your bed and desk might be different. The bed lofts are all the same, only the beds and furniture vary.

How much space will I have under my bed with the bed loft installed?

  • Space under your bed can vary by residence hall and type of bed. An average for a standard twin is 72"L x 36" D x 56"H.  For an extended twin (80" mattress), a good average of available space is 78"L x 38"D x 56"H. 

Am I guaranteed a bed loft if I place an order?

  • We have a limited number of bed lofts.  Bed lofts are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.  When you place your order, you will receive a confirming email that you have ordered a bed loft or rug. Once you have received the email, you are guaranteed the product. Additional orders can go on a wait list that can installed as additional lofts may come available.

Can I have the loft put in a certain place in the room?

  • Probably, when you order the loft, there is a place for instructions where you can request the placement like “Next to the windows” or “Put the loft on the RH side”. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Can I get a refund if I don’t want my bed loft?

  • If your cancellation request is received prior to installation; a refund, minus a $50.00 restocking fee, will be granted.  No refund will be issued once a bed loft has been installed. Once the bed loft has been installed, there will be a fee for us to pick it up if you decide you no longer want it or if you leave school before the end of second semester.

What if I need to do if I change rooms during the year?

  • We will move your loft for a charge. Please click on your school's icon and place an order for a Move/Change Room-Loft. If you need your loft picked up early, please place an order for a Move Loft. There is a charge.  If you move the loft yourself, YOU MUST NOTIFY Collegiate Bed Loft Company Inc. of the room change. Failure to do so will result in a $400.00 "missing/destroyed" loft charge.

What do I do if I want my bed loft picked up before the end of the school year?

  • If you would like your bed loft removed before the end of the school year, you need to place an order for Remove/Early Pick-Up Loft. There is a charge.

Do you sell bed lofts?

  • No, at the present time bed lofts are only available for lease.

Do I need to notify anyone when I move out at the end of the school year?

  • No, bed lofts will be picked up after university scheduled move out day. The ONLY reason you would need to notify CBL, is if you have changed rooms or residence halls and not notified us.  You can email us at

Do you supply restraints or ladders?

  • A CBL bed rail will be installed on your bed prior to move-in. The slats on the end of the bed and loft serve as a ladder.

Bed Rails

How does the rail stay on the bed?

  • The bed rail clips on to the side of the bed, under the mattress.

What if I want to cancel my rail?

  • We are required to provide the student a bed rail as part of our contract with Baylor and cannot take it off the order.


Rugs are purchased, not leased.  They are yours at the end of the school year.  We do not pick up the rugs.

What kind of rugs are they?

  • The rugs are a quality rug bound on all 4 sides. They are an upgraded frieze quality rug which is soft short shag.

What colors are available?

  • Available colors are a medium/light beige and a medium/light grey.

Are the rugs installed in the room before we arrive??

  • The rugs will be rolled out and installed in the room before you arrive.

Can I get a refund if I decide I do not want my rug?

  • A Twenty-Five Dollar ($25.00) Cancellation Fee will be charged, and a refund of the remaining order balance will be issued IFthe rug has not been installed.  NO REFUNDS will be issued for cancellation after the rug has been installed/delivered.

Can we cut or modify the rug??

  • The rug is yours to do with it as you want.