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We offer products that give you back usable space in your smaller-than-life dorm room. That’s more elbow room for studying, more uncluttered space for sleeping, and more room for friends visiting (you might want to invite your parents occasionally too).

Speaking of parents, we’re here for you as well. While you’re managing your emotions about your child going off to college, let us manage the other stuff. We deliver and install all you need to set up a space you’ll feel good about leaving them in and won’t mind visiting either. 

From the planning, move-in process, day-to-day living, and move-out process, we’re here to help. Installing and servicing college dorm furniture probably sounds like a headache to you, but it’s what we do, and we love being able to help families in this important season. We meet practical needs so you can tend to the bigger things that only you can do. We have teams around each of the universities we service to give you personalized and convenient help when you need it.