Re-Program My Safe

*To program your PIN number, all you have to do is enter 4 numbers (while the safe is unlocked and the door is closed) and hit lock.  To unlock it, re-enter your PIN and the door will open.

*If your safe seems to not be working and nothing shows up on the screen be sure and check and make sure the power switch is switched to "ON." The power switch is located on the back of the safe door near the hinges.

**Please note that the student MUST be in front of their safe for us to be able to assist in resetting their PIN if need be.  Please have the student call or email us for assistance.**

*If you have locked yourself out of your safe and need to have it reprogrammed, OR you an error message is showing on your screen please send an email to or call 205-978-5876 and include the following information:

*The student will need to be in front of their safe if they need assistance unlocking it*



Residence Hall

Room Number

Number on silver plate on the outside of the safe

Your Telephone Number