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One semester lofts are now available at Alabama, Auburn, Samford, Montevallo, and UAB. If you place an order for a one semester loft, please be sure and move all of your belongings out from under your bed before we come to install the bed loft.  This will allow us to install the bed loft quickly and not disturb your belongings.

Baylor and Mary Hardin-Baylor ordering for 2019-2020 is now open!

If you are moving rooms, or not returning for Spring 2019, you must click on your school's icon and place an order for early removal or change rooms. Please make sure that all of your belongings are cleared out from under your bed so we are able to remove/move your product without disturbing your belongings.

*Fees do apply. *

If you choose not to have it removed or moved, please be aware that you are responsible for the product through the end of the year.  If we go to pick it up at the end of the year and it is missing, per the terms and agreements, you will be charged a replacement fee.

If you have a problem with an existing order, please contact using the contact us link.

**Please remember, there are NO refunds once products are delivered and or installed. Once an order is placed, there IS a cancellation/restocking fee per item.

Please read our terms and agreements carefully.

 Lofts are set to a standard height. Please see our FAQs for approximate measurements and any other questions you may have. If you want the loft adjusted after move in, you will need to place an order for loft adjustment.

 Please contact us at with any questions! If you would like to speak with someone on the phone you may reach us Monday-Friday 9:00AM-4:00PM CST at 205-978-5876.  

We're more than bed lofts. Collegiate Bed Loft Company offers bed lofts designed to complete your vision for your room, but we're so much more. We also offer a complete line of area rugs, bed rails, safes, personalized headboards, bookshelves, bookcase-headboards, and a summer storage program.  At CBL we strive to provide Products and Services Developed by Students... for Students!

                           Contact us at or 205-978-5876, M-F, 9-5 CST.

If you have forgotten your safe passkey please click on the link, re-program my safe